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El Planeta Azul

Obra Familiar

Sala AZarte


The Blue Planet needs help. A dark being wants to destroy it and its inhabitants cannot do it alone. They need the help of two brothers from Planet Earth.

Raúl is a boy who lives a quiet life with his father, Víctor, and his little sister, Raquel. One day, and without explanation, he is captured by Arkán and Koria, the leaders of the Blue Planet. The darkness of Kabud, the dark being, will soon end everything and in order to stop him, they need the purity of a white soul that only the children of Planet Earth possess.

Raúl does not know the power that lies within him, but with the help of Arkán and Koria, and his sister Raquel, they will fight the most important battle of their lives.

Will they get it? Feel the magic of friendship between two worlds, where the power of family and love can do everything.

Calle San Marcos, 19, 28004 Madrid, Spain
Telephone: 915226768
Email: info@azarte.com

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