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Sala AZarte

April 19th–26th

They call us marujas in the neighborhood... I don't know why, because marujas what they say marujas, we are. A little lizards? Well yes. That sometimes our tongue slips? Well too! We are harmless, but remember, if you mess with one girl, you mess with them all.


Screenplay: Carolina Morocho and Yeison Forero
Cast: Carolina Morocho, Yeison Forero, Elisa Drabben, Sarah Flórez
Piano: Pedro Quirico
Voiceovers: Sarah Flórez and Sergio Dimald
Lighting design: Andrea Burgos

Poster design: Eva Chamorro

Friday, den April. 19th 2024
Session 20:00
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Friday, den April. 26th 2024
Session 20:00
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Calle San Marcos, 19, 28004 Madrid, Spain
Telephone: 915226768
Email: info@azarte.com

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