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Tierra Baldia

Sala AZarte

May 24th–31st


"I've lost the right to be vulnerable and I've had to become a rock..."

Lorca stated on several occasions that Yerma had a theme but not a specific plot. In this free adaptation by Jose Luis Algar, developed from conversations with the actress, the main themes - motherhood, sexual frustration, dysfunctional relationships, passion, appearances... - are extracted to construct a theatrical monologue with a completely new text performed by Anna Allen (known for Cuéntame, Acusados, Paquita Salas, Antígona del siglo XXI / Festival de Mérida...), who gives voice, body, and soul to this Yerma with the spirit of a narrator establishing direct contact with the audience, seeking complicity, and opening up while reflecting on her life with its faint lights and enormous shadows.


Duration: 60 minutes

Script and direction: Jose Luis Algar

Freely inspired by Yerma by Federico García Lorca based on an original idea by Anna Allen

Cast: Anna Allen Makeup and hairstyling: Pedro Hache Photography and graphic design: Algarart Original music and set design: Jose Luis Algar Production: AlgarArt / Jose Luis Algar

Friday, May 24th, 2024
Session 20:00
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Friday, May 31st, 2024
Session 20:00
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Calle San Marcos, 19, 28004 Madrid, Spain
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Email: info@azarte.com

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