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A Mi Me Gustan Mayores

Sala AZarte

From a young age, Noemí and Andrea have based their friendship on the simple fact that one of them is just two years older than the other.

This almost sisterly friendship begins to crack when Noemí, the younger one, starts dating increasingly older men—transferring onto them the admiration she once had for her friend—which Andrea views unfavorably.

However, it isn't until one of these men—late at night, in the midst of the worst snowstorm of the century, and right after being with Noemí—suddenly runs out of the girls' house with an extremely questionable excuse, that they both initiate a discussion that will cost them their friendship.

To what extent should we continue listening to the problems of the other person if they always ignore our advice? Is it permissible to disrespect someone as a method to make them see reason?

Technical Information:

-Text and Direction: Lorena Cervantes
-Set Design and Costume: Lorena Cervantes
-Lighting and Sound: Jaime Cano
-Production: La CasaÁrbol Theater Company
-Cast: Lorena Cervantes, Paula Martínez, and Berta Álvaro

Calle San Marcos, 19, 28004 Madrid, Spain
Telephone: 915226768
Email: info@azarte.com

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